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Your Wedding Dress Neckline and Hairstyle

Choosing the right hairstyle to pair with your wedding gown can be an intimidating task and because this topic is one we constantly hear brides-to-be talk about, we found it necessary to dedicate a post just for it.

Two very important things to keep in mind when looking for your hairstyle is that:

1. Your personal style should shine through in your wedding day look

2. The neckline of your dress should match your hairstyle

In order to help you narrow down the "right" hairstyle it is important that you consider the following information to help narrow down your look. Think about the neckline and imagine your hair sitting on top of it. If you immediately say, "Uh, no" then you know you have to wear your hair up because you do not like the idea of your dresses neckline being obstructed by your hair. Another tip that we give our brides is that if you are not sure how you feel about wearing your hair up or down, we suggest to stick to a hairstyle that feels comfortable to you so that you feel like yourself. If you are not an "updo" kind-of-gal please do not wear your hair up on your wedding day- doing this will make you feel uncomfortable and not as confident. Doing the opposite of what you normally do will have you second guessing yourself the entire night, guaranteed. Thankfully though, you live in an era where trial runs are "a thing" so if you are undecided about your hairstyle book yourself a run through with your bridal team two to three months before your big day and by the end of the appointment you'll have a better idea of what look to go with.

Necklines and Hairstyles

With the following necklines we suggest to wear your hair up:


High Neck

Queen Anne

V-Neck Dramatic Back

Here are our suggested updos for the necklines above:

Low Bun

Side Bun

Sleek Pony

Messy Pony Braided Updo Victorian Updo

V-Neck Dress Neckline on our Unforgettable Bride with the Classic Low Bun

As for the rest of the neckline styles we feel that you can wear your hair however you feel most confident in as any hairstyle will look wonderful.


Straight Across

Off-Shoulder V-Neck

With these neckline styles you can wear your hair:

Half up, Half down

Messy Pony

Side- Swept

Side-Do with a braid

Down with curls

Loosely Braided

Low Bun Braided Bun

Thank you for reading our blog. If you are shopping for a wedding dress we hope that our blog has helped guide you and if you have a friend or relative getting married- share this post with them!

Have an Unforgettable day,

Erika Lee

Owner, Unforgettable Beauty Salon

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