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Why a Bridal Trial?

As a professional in the bridal industry I've been asked a gazzilion times, "Why should I do a bridal trial?". Well here is why: I'm guessing that you'd rather have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day than if your makeup is going to last all day like your makeup artist promised, or if the RBF on your hairdressers’ face is really her personality...

Investing in your makeup and hair trial will give you the opportunity to get to know your glam squad all while creating a rough draft of your "look" so that you not only look unforgettable but feel it too.

It is also important to point out that the old days of shaming brides for investing in a run through are over, thank God. To me and every pro out there who’s been asked this question, believe that a trial should be taken just as seriously as wedding dress shopping. We typically do not buy our gown without trying it on and because of that, trial runs should be treated the same way. But the reality of it all is that they are often an underestimated part of the hair and makeup process. Yes, it may mean you have to adjust your budget slightly, but I assure you that it will be well worth it. Every bride wants to feel beautiful and positively confident on her wedding day and by knowing exactly how the day will go and how you will look, both you and your artists can be assured that you will look and feel your best after your appointment. So, when creating your budget be sure to set money aside for your trials. It's best not to gamble on your big day- unless of course your life motto is "YOLO". And well if it's not, then here are more reasons to invest in a run through:

Glam Squad.

With all the makeup and hairdresser options that brides have in 2020, it's important to find your perfect fit for your wedding day before your wedding day. Your team will most definitely without a doubt make or break your spirits, mood, day, heart and everything in between if you do not mesh with your artists. Imagine sitting in the hair and makeup chair for 2 hours with people you could care less for. Ugh, no thanks. Therefore, picking the right artists should be done before your wedding day to ensure that they are number one, professional and skilled in what they do, number two, are the right fit for your personality and number three, that the look you've imagined is going to work for your hair and skin texture. I'm most certain that no bride wants to here, "Oh, that hairstyle is not possible as it requires extensions," or "That color palette will not work for your skin tone" on her wedding day. Right?! During your appointment the hairdresser and makeup artists will be able to discuss your vision as well as execute it so that you can decide if that is the look you are really wanting. And just in case you were wondering, yes, we the professionals, would without a doubt 1,000% prefer to get to know you and your vision before the wedding day as well. And no, it is not a scam to get more money out of you.

Insider Tip- Remember to find a team that specializes in bridal hair and makeup as not every artist performs well in a fast paced and high stress environment.


As we all know weddings have a very strict schedule. Having invested in a trial run will give you and your glam squad a very good idea of how long your applications will take and that, is very crucial information. Unfortunately, the day does not always go as planned and most often than not, something happens that causes a bump in the schedule. With a run through behind you, your MUA and hairdresser will be able to jump straight to business even after the curb ball and hopefully stay on course. And well, not having invested in a run through means the opposite. Your artists would have to do two separate consultations with you the day yes, that's right, shave more time off of the already disrupted schedule! Wine, anyone?

Bridal trials are in fact needed to not only provide you a real time of how the day will go and how you will look, but to also give you a peace of mind by knowing that you have chosen the right glam squad for your day. Sound convincing enough? I hope so. The whole purpose of this blog post is to save all future brides a whole lot of stress so that they are cool, calm and collected the few hours before their "I dos". And in closing, I hope that I have helped out each and every future bride reading this blog! If so, please share this along to help out another Miss to Mrs. Also, be sure to read how to prep for your bridal trial (yes that is a thing too lol) here,

Thank you! <3

Con mucho amor,

Erika Lee

Unforgettable Beauty

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