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Remember Why

Hey girl, wedding planning got the best of you? Want to call it quits? Thinking about eloping? If you've mentally yelled YES! know that it's going to be okay. Yes, it really is. Wedding planning comes with the good, the bad and the ugly and when you are being tested to new heights, REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED.

Remember when he proposed and all you could think of was getting started on the wedding planning? Haha, yes that actually really happened. Well you are here and it's live action baby! As a woman who's been there done that and now a wife of 11.5 years, (What!?! When did that happen?) I hands down recommend that you give yourself time to plan, journal and to stay organized. Doing these steps will help you stay sane and excited during this important chapter in y'alls life, I promise. Remember why you said yes and why you are here, because of LOVE. Scroll down for some feel good quotes, tips and a good laugh to help you get to a better state of mind <3

And lastly some more tips to help you persevere and conquer your wedding planning.

1. Mark out a date nights (at least once a month) for you and your fiancé and do not talk about any wedding plans. Dress up, have fun and just enjoy each others company.

2. Stay organized- I can't stress this enough. You need a plan for wedding planning. Google something along the lines of " wedding planning checklist" and have at it. Also, remember that you usually don't have to make decisions at a drop of a dime. Take your time and tackle the big things first like a date, securing a venue, makeup and hair and a photographer.

3. Get help, literally. Reach out to your sister, bff, and/or mom and ask for assistance. Create a checklist with tasks and allow them to alleviate some of the planning stress IF and only if they are willing to help. Having lunch dates and discussing your wedding plans with them will make them feel needed and important and it will create new memories that you will look back at and appreciate them even more.


Thank you for visiting my website and I wish you the best during your wedding planning,

Erika Lee

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