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Preparing for your Hair Trial

Photographer-Patricia Perez Photography

Glad you're here- let's get you ready for your hair trial so that you get the most out of your investment.

Here are some very important things to do to prepare your hair before your appointment:

  1. Haircare- Start using silicone-free shampoo and conditioner. Why? Silicones are not "bad" (unless we are speaking about drugstore hair lines) for your hair but because silicones create a barrier around the hair cuticle it makes it difficult for heat from our styling tools to penetrate the hair. Silicones realistically add weight to your hair and long-term use of this may most definitely cause product build-up.

  2. Inspirational Photos- Oh girl, we know. It's difficult deciding on which hairstyle to choose for your wedding day. Unfortunately we cannot "pick" a hairstyle for you (that is way too much responsibility!) but what we can recommend is to decide if you want your hair up or down. If you're not sure, think about how you feel the most confident and what you usually gravitate towards when you style your hair for formal events. So... up or down? Perfect, now head over to our to look for your hairstyle! Pinterest also has updos, down-dos and half-up photos, search there as well. Pro Tip- Only save hairstyles that have similar hair color to yours. Doing this will give you a realistic indication of how it will turn out. Also, more often then not, that inspirational photo has EXTENSIONS! And yes, we sell them in our salon and when you come in to your appointment we can color match you to pick your perfect shade and "NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW".

  3. The Day Before- We recommend to wash and dry your hair the evening prior to your hair trial. Use shampoo twice and a daily conditioner once. Before blow drying do not put in leave-ins of any sort. I repeat, NO PRODUCTS, please and thank you! If you opt out of blowdrying before bed, be sure that your hair is dry the morning of. It is critical that you arrive with dry hair as it will cut time out of your trial-run as your stylist will need to dry it.

  4. Wear White- Unless your dress is another color then wear the same shade. Doing this will help you envision what your hair will look like on your wedding day.

  5. Be on Time- Arriving late or late with wet hair means that your appointment may be cut short. Trial days are meant for trying on the look that you are envisioning for yourself and it is best to have a relaxing start. You and your stylist will have a thorough consultation and may possibly decide on trying out two different hairstyles so please do your best and arrive on time.

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