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My Really Real Wedding

Real Love, Real People with Real Life Situations. 


What is My Really Real Wedding? 

My Really Real Wedding was created out of desperation during the really REAL nasty curb ball life threw at us called Covid-19. Makeup artist and (almost) bridal salon owner, Erika Lee began imaging life after the pandemic and realized the ugly truth of what was to follow- sadness, frustration and a lot of unwed couples. It was obvious to her that she needed to take action, "I couldn't help but to think of something to design that would bring joy and hope to not only myself, but to those couples who are hurting. Weddings symbolize hope and love and not being able to celebrate the union of the souls is tragic. My heart hurts for them." So, out of tragedy, My Really Real Wedding was born. According to Erika Lee, this new idea will require her to reach out to her fellow wedding vendors all across the Houston area and create a wedding team so that they can donate several weddings to deserving couples who have had real life happen to them. "I am donating my talent, hair and makeup artistry as well as the whole getting ready experience in my salon, Unforgettable Beauty in Pasadena, and I'm hoping that other artists and vendors will do the same. I realized that Covid-19 can stop a lot of things, but it can't stop LOVE.” Erika Lee has reached out to local artists and businesses and is still waiting to hear back from them. “I know that there are like-minded people just like me who are ready to give back and do something bigger than them." She will need all of Houston to pull together as she plans on donating 3 weddings before the end of the year. 

On the business side of it, My Really Real Wedding  will also serve as a bridal show before, during and after the ceremony. Businesses that have donated their services will have the opportunity to not only give back to the community, but also receive potential clientele while showcasing their work. Tickets will be sold to future Mrs.' weeks before the wedding where couples will have the opportunity to catch their future vendors in action. It is the perfect win-win situation for businesses. "Our small businesses are also hurting. Being out of work for these past two months has really brought me a lot uncertainty and fears. Having this new venture has not only given me something to look forward to, but it has also given me a sense of hope to keep pushing and growing my business and I know that My Really Real Wedding will be able to provide relief to others in the wedding industry as well." And yes, just in case you are wondering each wedding will have a maximum of the same business categories to allow an even distribution of exposure and marketing. 


They are looking for the following for the very FIRST Really Real Wedding scheduled for Summer 2020:

Engaged Couples



Country Clubs

Cake Shops


Dress Shops




Hair and Makeup


Event Rentals

Travel Agents


and more...

My Really Real Wedding needs you! Local businesses and couples should email Erika Lee at

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

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